The SugarTank @ Tellus360

The SugarTank @ Tellus360

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In moving the SugarTank to Tellus360, Musser and Newman saw an opportunity to continue on the same path and ideologies as when the SugarTank started with the ability to reach a greater audience and musical community. 

The new SugarTank space in the lower level of Tellus360 carries the same ‘living room’ feel of the original SugarTank, by not having any walls or barriers between the recording equipment and the musicians - The space is flexible and open.  The vision is to be able to produce high quality recordings for the music community, to record intimate live performances with audiences both large and small, and to be open as a flexible space for artists to experiment and create. The studio will have the ability to make and produce records, podcasts, radio shows, interviews, video and multi-media content, and high quality live recordings to the musicians and bands that play in the studio or in the venues throughout the Tellus 360 building.

The community approach to business that Tellus360 embodies is a huge draw to having the SugarTank relocate to the new space.  In the future we are sure of one thing, we will constantly be expanding and growing to offer the best world class service to the music community that we are grateful to be a part of.

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